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If you are interested in

I. Refinancing (We can help with the following)

A. To take cash-out for ADU ( Auxiliary Dwelling Unit)

B. Cash-out

C. Cash-out payoff debt or Student loans

D. Lower Mortgage Terms from 30 year to 20 or 15 years Fixed.

II. Purchase Seller – List your property for Sale

A. We can help with listing your property

B. Let us Represent you to purchase new property

III. Purchase Buyer – We can help:

A. We can Help you with your 1st Purchase of your home

B. We can Help you with your next purchase.

IV. Purchase – Investments or Rehab Properties

A. We can help you find and investment or rehab property

V. Purchase Mortgage Loans

A. Looking to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a Mortgage loan – We can help

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